• Hidden in Plain Sight


    Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not only a mental condition but a spiritual condition. It is imperative that businesses, families, and churches be educated so that they will know how to deal with a person suffering through a narcissistic relationship and given tools to emotionally support them to health. In this book, you will see several characteristics of a narcissist, what to look for prior to getting in a relationship, as well as levels of severity of this condition. You will walk away with a more clear sense of direction, encouragement, you'll feel smarter, stronger and ready for purpose. Expect to guard yourself with the do's and don't to cover your assets and loved ones. Most importantly you will be able to release all unforgiveness, and known how to pray when you are battling current situations to clean up the aftermath that has clouded your thoughts and actions. The author's is very candid with her trials personal testimony, tribulations and the best part is the overcoming victory in her life since this trial. Her story is so powerful and her wisdom so rich that you wouldn't want to put the book down. You will be refreshed on your way to healing, deliverance and wholeness.

    Meet Taryn “TNT” Tarver Wade, a dynamic mother of five children and a celebrity life coach. TNT is nationally recognized as a Health and Lifestyle entrepreneur extraordinaire. Much of her fame came from her radio show “LIFELINE TNT”.  Taryn is known for using food as medicine to reverse health issues and helping people see their true inner beauty through their pain. This former Mrs. Oregon International of 2000 is transforming lives on a global level. Know this. When you experience one session in her "Lifeline" class, you will see the world with a renewed hope and with a different set of goggles. Her touch of love leaves a lasting effect that helps you release the weights of life in the natural and spiritual realm.

    TNT is an alumni of the University of Oregon and Bible Enrichment School of Theology. Tarver-Wade now has three adult children, they have successfully carried the torch in life and sports to further the Tarver Wade legacy. She is a mentor, author, TV host, pastor, business owner and friend, while raising her 2 little boys Izak and Lazarus. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband Andre Wade as they inspire the world.