About HPUS

The HPUS Diet is based on Dr. Simeons “Pounds & Inches - A New Approach to Obesity”. At one point it was only available in weight loss clinics and spas. The diet was highly unaffordable for the most part. Since then it has been discovered that the same results could be made available to us through simple guidelines and dependable product. With the Souls HPUS diet plan you will receive reliable FDA certified product as well as the support of Soul's support staff to achieve the results you never imagined possible.



Lose up to a pound a day for as many as 40 days. This is the average weight loss success we have recorded from our clients. The fact is, if you will commit yourself to this program you will lose weight and experience drastic results.


HPUS (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)


The HPUS hormone is produced naturally within the human body and can be helpful in treating a number of conditions. HPUS produces drastic results for weight loss because it works along with your hypothalamus gland to utilize "stored fat" as energy rather than contribute to bone and muscle loss unlike an unhealthy starvation type diet. Starvation type diets trigger our body's own natural response to maintain our weight by holding on to stored fat preventing significant changes.


HPUS used while on a low calorie diet prompts your hypothalamus gland to utilize stored fat for energy.  Thousands of stored calories are then made accessible and can then be used as fuel. In other words, your stored fat is being consumed as fuel while your structural fat and muscle tissue are ignored and kept safe. You can say "good bye" to stubborn saddlebags and tummy luggage and say "Hola" to your new shape. One to three pounds of weight loss per day without exercise are typical results when you follow the Souls HPUS diet program as suggested.



How does HCG Affect My Metabolism?


It has been said - HPUS burns the excess fat cells taking the needed fat, losing inches as well as pounds. HPUS Revs up the metabolism, telling the body to burn. HPUS opens only the excess fat cells allowing excess fat to be burned. Following the diet plan boosts your metabolism to run at a much more efficient level to burn, rather than store. In many diets nothing about the metabolism has changed. There is a "base weight" set in the brain. After completing most diets your hypothalamus (where your base rate is set) assumes you need to be back at your base weight and slows your metabolism. The diet with HPUS deals with the root of the problem by addressing the metabolic rate.


What is the difference between Homeopathic Drops versus Injections?


HPUS drops are just as effective and highly convenient as has been proven by many HPUS clients.  Reports have shown that when combined with the suggested diet, HPUS drops helped users lose unwanted fat, maintain muscle tone and control hunger pains as well. Our homeopathic product is manufactured in the USA with high quality control oversight in a FDA certified facility.


Why Drops over Shots?


•    The drops are pain free and used under the tongue

•    The drops are easy to store and hassle free

•    The drops are less expensive than prescription shots

•    The drops do not expire


What are some typical results?


Results will depend on how much weight you have to lose and how well you follow the diet protocol. Most users will lose about a pound or two per day at the beginning and taper down after that.  Some users with more to lose are able to lose a pound a day during the duration of the regimen they select.


How is the product taken?


Our product is designed to be placed under the tongue or "sublingually" and is not to be administered in any other way.


Do the HPUS bottles expire?

These HPUS Drops do not have an expiration date. You are urged to store the bottles in a cool dry place. Refrigeration can prolong the effectiveness of the ingredients. Open bottles are suggested to be discarded no longer than 6 months after opening.


Can I take my medications and other vitamins while on the HPUS protocol?


 As wih all diet and supplement plans, we suggest that you consult with your physician prior to engaging in this diet plan.


True and False


True: Virtually hundreds of thousands of medical doctors and health practitioners with an education, already know the power of integrating homeopathic solutions. Many have completely switched from HPUS injections to homeopathic.



False: Homeopathic HPUS doesn't have much HPUS in it, therefore it doesn't work as good as the injections.


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Quick Info

    • HPUS (HCG Aletrnative Blend Formula)
    • How does HPUS Affect My Metabolism?
    • Why Drops over Shots?
    • What are some typical results?
    • What are some typical results?
    • How is the product taken?
    • Do the HPUS bottles expire?
    • Can I take my medications and other vitamins while on the HCG protocol?
    • True and False


  • HPUS Diet Plan
  • HPUS Grocery List


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The Souls HPUS Diet Plan

The Souls HPUS diet plan

The first week on your diet you should have marked weight loss. Many of our participants report weight losses of 10 pounds or more during this initial stage. Refer to our Testimonial page for real people with real results.
After the first week you should continue to show considerable weight loss of up to a pound per day. Some of our clients have reported up to 2 pounds per day. If you go for more than 2 days without showing any weight loss please call and one of our Soul's support staff will assist you to get back on track.

How it works

The Soul's HPUS program consists of four phases. We are confident that when you dedicate yourself to each phase of our program you will achieve optimum results and change your life. Please review our easy plan out lined here.